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By Check

You may send a check to the following address:

Tyger River Chapel Foundation
PO Box 5732
Spartanburg, SC 29304

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Give Now

Invest in Lives Forever.

This is an opportunity to participate in the building of Tyger River Chapel and make a difference in the lives of hundreds of inmates. This will require many individuals investing into the Chapel Building to make the vision a reality. The investment in this chapel project is not only an investment in brick and mortar to provide a place for the 52 ministries that are currently serving at Tyger River Correctional Facility, but also an investment in the lives of inmates that will return to our community. Ninety Two percent of all Tyger River Correctional inmates will be released back into our community.

This opportunity does not depend on innovative architects or highly skilled builders. It does not even depend on gifted vision-casters, talented staff, or dedicated volunteers.

The Vision of the Tyger River Chapel will require the private, personal, and thoughtful considerations on the part of many people throughout the area who care deeply about improving the lives of others, especially returning citizens to their communities. Providing meaningful experiences for inmates provides hope and help in creating positive and contributing citizens returning to our community.

We ask that you simply meet with us and let us share the direction, leadership, and programming of the Tyger River Chapel project. We value your time and would like to know your perspectives.

You will be asked to give of your assets philanthropically many times throughout your life. Providing spiritual and motivating guidance in a person’s life is truly a defining opportunity. Few investments can provide such rewards. Please consider how you will rise to the challenge.

Naming Rights

There are four unique opportunities to give at a level that provides naming rights for the Chapel. These include the Chapel at $150,000; the Library at $50,000; the Baptismal at $35,000; and the Chaplain Office at $25,000.
  • Chapel $150,000
  • Library $50,000
  • Baptismal $35,000
  • Chaplain Office $25,000

Recognition Plaques

We offer the opportunity to Honor or give In Memory of an individual, business or church through Recognition Plaques. Cornerstone Plaques are available at the $5,000 giving level and Founder’s Plaques at the $2,500 level.
  • Cornerstone Plaque $5,000 ( limit 30 )
  • Founders Plaque $2,500 ( limit 40 )
For Naming Rights and Recognition Plaques, please contact us directly to ensure your financial gift is allocated exactly as you desire. Call 864.384.8794 or email