We are changing lives!

“Hope on the way in…Help on the way out.”

…That’s the heart of the Tyger River Chapel Foundation.

Not many of you have experienced a term of incarceration in prison, nor have I. We cannot know the despair those imprisoned experience daily. I have experienced the clang of iron doors closing behind me when I enter the prison to minister to those inside. It is startling!

Many prisons have chapels which serve as places of worship, as sanctuaries, within the prisons. TRCI is divided into an Upper Yard and a Lower Yard. A chapel in the Upper Yard was built many years ago and is in a poor state of repair. There is no chapel in the Lower Yard. The South Carolina Department of Corrections does not provide funds for chapel construction or repair.

The mission of this Foundation is to build the chapel in the Lower Yard adjacent to the stairway that leads down into the Yard. Our purpose is to change lives. We pray this chapel will provide the Hope On The Way In and, as a place of worship and sanctuary, will provide the Help On The Way Out as these inmates transition back into our Upstate community. Ninety percent of Tyger River inmates will be our future neighbors. Please join us as we work and pray to make this vision a reality.

EC Burnett III
Board Chairman

Leadership & Board Ministries & Partnerships

"Tyger River Chapel can be a place of new beginnings, reflection, and worship. The Bible encourages us to remember those impacted by crime, especially the victims and their loved ones, and to minister to those in prison. A chapel allows those in prison a place set aside for worship as they prepare for assimilation back into society and reflect on and pray for those impacted by crime."
- Trey Gowdy