The Chapel

Hope on the way in…Help on the way out.
Tyger River Chapel Foundation (TRCF) 501(c)(3) , exists to provide donors, churches, and non-profit groups the organization and facilities they need to provide faith-based services to the inmates of Tyger River Correctional Institution.

The Chapel



Our Mission

The New Chapel will provide a haven for inmates to be nurtured, encouraged, and guided into being productive citizens and lifelong learners who will take responsibility for their lives, family and community.
“The prisoners that go through intake are traumatized by their current situation and receptive to the Gospel. Tyger River needs a chapel to give them a place to learn about God, obedience and worship.”
- Rob Whitner, Former Inmate
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Financial Giving Progress
Construction Progress

Do you have a heart to Get Involved?

We appreciate your interest and have made several ways for you to take part in the foundation's work.